Therapeutic Puppetry (TP)




  Union Internationale de la Marionnette



UNIMA is a worldwide puppetry organisation with branches in more than 80 countries and is open for professionals as well as amateurs. UNIMA is affiliated to UNESCO and in fact the oldest still existing theatre organisation in the world. It started in Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1929 and has now got over 10 different Commissions. One of the Commissions focus on the spreading of therapeutic puppetry along with related areas (see below). World peace and intercultural dialogue are examples of areas given special attention. You find more information about the international UNIMA at:


UNIMA:s EDT Commission (Education, Development, Therapy) emphazises the use of puppetry throughout life and in collaboration between professional educators and therapists. They also aim at more puppetry in the education of therapists and teachers. Mask and shadowplay are included in the above. Read more on the following link: EDT  



UNIMA Sweden is a branch of UNIMA:s international organisation with about 200 members. The puppet therapist Ingrid Lagerqvist mentioned on the website was one of the co-founders of this Swedish association. So was Michael Meschke, a world famous puppetry personality who started several puppeteer-educations and was the artistic director of Marionetteatern, Swedens main-scene for marionette-plays. There is more                                to read (last link in Swedish) at: and