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Welcome to this   

4-day Therapeutic Puppetry Course (2014)

 The course will take place at Institute Inartes on the 1-4´th of August in Helsinki, Finland. It will be led by one of the greatest and most talented teachers in the area, art therapist Matthew G Bernier from Eastern Virginia Medical School, U.S: 

The course is open for therapists as well as puppeteers



2-day course for artists interested in working with 
people with dementia (2014)

Delivered by Karrie Marshall tutor and author on behalf of Creativity In Care community interest company

Creativity with person centred care and compassion has a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Whether or not you are a professional artist, there is awareness of an emotional relationship with music, visual art, drama, puppetry and story.  This 2-day programme aims to inspire and inform people interested in working creatively with people living with dementia.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Increased knowledge and understanding about forms of dementia and brain function
2. Increased confidence for using personal creativity and arts skills for meaningful interactions in care settings
3. Improved knowledge of inclusive, equalities approaches to the work
4. Gained awareness (through demonstration) of the B.I.C.E.P.S
.TM  model of care for positive communications with people with dementia

The tutor has a professional background in care, arts and education. She lectured in health & social care for ten years and developed the PDA in Care Services Management for Inverness College/UHI.  Her book 'Puppetry in Dementia Care' is about connecting through creativity and joy, and is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2013.   

The 2-day Creativity In Dementia Care course includes presentations, discussions and film clips of co-creating with people living with dementia over the past ten years. There will be opportunities to practice creating positive and enjoyable connections. Learning outcomes are measured using written questions, verbal responses and observation. A certificate is awarded following successful completion of the course.

Course Dates 2014 

2.July - Inverness  
Friday 4th July 2pm-5pm  and 
Saturday 5th July 10am-4pm  
Venue: Spectrum Centre, Margaret Street, Inverness IV1 1LS on Friday and nearby on Saturday

3.August -Nottingham  
Friday 8th August 1pm-6pm and 
Saturday 9th August 10am-3pm
Venue: The Lindsey Morgan Hall, St James Church, Marshall Hill Drive, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 6FY

4.September - Glastonbury
Saturday 6th September 1pm-6pm and 
Sunday 7th September 10am-3pm 
Venue: Red Brick Building Centre, Morland Road, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9FT  

6.November – Brighton
Saturday November 8th  1pm-6pm and 
Sunday 9th November 10am- 2:30pm
Venue: Phoenix Community Centre, 2 Phoenix Place, Brighton, BN2 9ND 

BOOKINGS for Creativity In Dementia Care 2-day course:
Price per person is payable in advance at £75 for the 2 days. 
Cheques made payable to: Creativity In Care cic. 
Post to:  Creativity In Care cic, Suite 333, Number 24, Station Square, IV1 1LD 
or direct bank transfer details can be sent to you.
To book your place please phone 07716 111 585 or contact us via 

(Please note course is subject to cancellation, with refund if less than 8 people have booked.)  

Other courses

'Family Carers' - one programme is for the family carers and people diagnosed with dementia to attend at the same time. The other programme is for a wide range of family carers to come by themselves. Both explore relationships, communication and meaningful lives. *Drop in session for family carers and people living with dementia Friday June 6th 2014, at Inshes Church, Inshes Retail Park, Sir Walter Scott Drive, IV2 3TW 2pm til 4pm. Course due to start June 20th 2pm-4pm. 

'Creative Minds for Care Settings' - an in-depth creative communications learning programme for all staff in care settings, to increase confidence for working well with people in later stages of dementia.  Includes putting knowledge into practice within current legislation, healthcare values and policies to maintain a motivated, inclusive and creative culture. The programme links to under-pinning knowledge for national care courses.

More information on


Puppet Therapy Education 2013/14  


Where? Stockholm, Sweden

Lecturer: Gudrun Gauda, Germany. Teachings in English.

     Gudrun is a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor and puppet therapy teacher with training in jungian and familytherapy. She is educated by the Swiss puppet therapist Käthy Wütrich and is the founder of Das Frankfurter Institut für Gestaltung und Kommunikation. For further information look at

When? 4-6´th of October 2013. Next 24-26´th of January and 25-27´th of April 2014

Three days each occation: Friday 13.00-19.00 hrs, Saturday 10.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.00-15.00 hrs.

What? Basic know-how the first weekend, for details see next page (for all three weekends)


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First weekend: 4 – 6th of October 2013

The first gathering we will learn the basics how to work with puppets in therapy:

- the special selection of the puppets and their affordances

- the props and how to use them

- the special stage and its importance

- how to find the inner story with a patient

- to become an idea of the symbolic representation of the puppets in the life of the patient and

- understand the difference between playing on a stage and playing with patients in therapy 

We have puppets, props and stages to make our own experiences in small groups 

and make our first few steps to understand the symbols of the plays.

Second weekend: 24 – 26th January 2014

The second gathering we will make our own puppet in the very special manner the Swiss puppeteer and therapist Käthy Wüthrich has developed. It is a very easy method and also possible to realize with little children from four years of age and with handicapped persons. These puppets are not made for playing on stage for public but playing symbolic play with (mostly) children alone.

We will feel and reflect the inner process while puppet making and see what projectionscreen we have in our hands. If the puppet is ready we will give him a character and will have the opportunity to play with it to become relaxed with a part of ourselves on our hand.  

Third weekend: 25 – 27th April 2014

Third gathering is reserved for experiences with specific therapeutic plays and special therapeutic settings

- you will have the occasion to find stories in different ways

- to realise them on stage with single patients or in groups

- to make experiences with different therapeutic settings, with different age groups and various problems and needs and

- to understand the symbols of the plays and to answer in a symbolic way.

Observe that the second and third gathering could not take place as planned for several reasons. This information is only for getting a picture of how the concept was in whole from the beginning. Hopefully these gatherings can take place in the future. 



Helping Youth Deal with Tragedy - Dr. Joanne F. Vizzini, U.S

Saturday, September 28, 2013, 9:30 am-12: 30 pm via web-conference


Learn how to use healing stories in the classroom, counseling, or meeting environment 

• Gain insight on how to engage, even with resistance, via experiential techniques 

• Discover how the therapeutic use of puppets and Puppet Therapy are appropriate for 

topics such as grief, bullying, anxiety, addictions, depression & much more! 

• Prior attendees will receive advanced and specified training, as well as skill building.

Dr. Joanne F. Vizzini, PhD, LCPC, NCC is a former elementary school teacher, teaches/supervises at Loyola University & created the Vizzini Puppet Therapy Model© 2001. Her private practice serves youth, adults, and families. Her belief is that healing happens more quickly when creativity is accessed. 

• Discover a new way to help youth delve into their innermost feelings 

• Break down communication barriers in a non-threatening environment 

• Understand the art of expression through puppetry and humor 

• Utilize experimental techniques in reaching others’ emotions at a deeper level 

• Discover how the therapeutic use of puppets and Puppet Therapy are 

appropriate for topics such as grief, bullying, anxiety, addictions, depression & much more

• Learn to deal with sensitive topics using humor


More in PDF below:          

OTHER WORKSHOPS some web based (worldwide participation posssibilities) 

        Creative Arts for Sensitive Topics 

        Tools for Healing the Heart that Hurts 

        Expressive Arts to Lighten the Heart and Encourage Gratitude 

        Laughter and Learning: Toools for Educators and Therapists 

        Youth Decision Making and Social Media


More at



The Little Angel Theatre and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama presents 

Hands On 2! A two-day conference and training event on Applied Puppetry 

19 and 20 April 2013

After the great success of the Hands On! Symposium in 2011 its time to get together again and explore the world of puppetry in educational and community settings. This collaboration between the puppet research group at CSSD, University of Portsmouth and the Education Department at the Little Angel is a development from the previous symposium in 2011. This two day event will be a vibrant mix of workshops, performances and discussions. 

There is a great deal of applied puppetry both nationally and globally and new work and projects are continually flourishing. This event will represent this puppetry with a purpose through both debate and practice. During this conference and training event we would like to share ideas about good practice and thinking about how to use puppetry with diverse groups. This event will have a particular focus on puppetry with children & young people, in health care settings and in development programmes.

Hands On2 is both for people who are curious about using puppetry in community and education settings and professionals already established in the field e.g. teachers, carers and health service providers; puppetry practitioners; academics interested in applied puppetry.

Guest Speakers to include: International: Helen Korošeć (Croatia); Riku Laakkonen (Finland); Antigoni Paroussi & Vasilis Tselfes (Greece); Phylemon Odhiambo (Kenya); UK: Kati Francis; Beccy Smith; Sue Buckmaster; Dr Adele Greaves.  

Guest Workshop Leaders to include: Rachel Riggs (Imaginary Leaps); Tony Gee (Moveable Feast); Siobhan Clancy (Freelance/Helium Performing Arts in Health); Chloe Purcell (Puppeteer-in-Residence at Thornhill Primary School); Phylemon Odhiambo (Artistic Director/Puppetry Trainer, Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre)

Keynote Speaker: Tim Prentki (University of Winchester, specialist in Theatre for Development)

Supported by University of Portsmouth


DAY 1 at Little Angel Theatre

Presentations and discussions, including key note speaker and guest presenters. The day culminates in networking and seeing Little Angel Youth Theatre’s production of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”.  

Day 2 at RCSSD

5 “day-long” workshops for you to explore applied puppetry in more depth.  Areas: Early Years & Storytelling; Primary & Literacy; Puppetry in Health and Therapeutic Settings; Puppetry in Aid & Development: Puppetry and Young People At Risk.  (When you receive your confirmation letter there will be the opportunity to state your preferences of workshop)

Hands On 2 is perfect for all people who are curious about using puppetry in community and education settings e.g. teachers, carers, youth leaders and health service providers; people working in aid & development work overseas; puppetry practitioners; academics interested in applied puppetry.

Bookings:  0207 226 1787

Any questions that are not answered above please

Dates:  19 and 20 April 2013

Location & times:

Friday: 9.00 am – 7.15 pm
Little Angel Theatre, 14 Dagmar Passage, London, N1 2DN.

Saturday:  10.00 am – 5.00 pm 
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue, London NW3 3HY

£95 full price for 2 days
£55 Registered students, Registered Disabled, OAP’s and those claiming income support (limited number of concessionary tickets available)
(Refreshments, lunch and performance ticket are included in the price)
£55 for single day tickets

Five Workshop Sessions Saturday 20 th April

Puppetry in the Primary Classroom:  How puppetry can support the teaching of literacy

Chloe Purcell, Little Angel Theatre

This workshop will explore the many ways puppetry can enhance literacy teaching.  It will be a combination of presentation, sharing real experiences and practical activities.  Chloe Purcell is a core member of the Little Angel’s workshop team since 200, and has been Puppeteer-in-Residence at Thornhill Primary School, Islington, since 2009.   If you work, or are interested in working with children in a primary classroom setting then we invite you to come and learn about the benefits and fun that can be had when puppets are involved!

Acceptability, Effectiveness and Sustainability of Puppetry as a Medium of CommunicationExperiences from interventions by various health and development organisations in Kenya

Phylemon Odhiambo Okoth, Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre

Numerous strategies and techniques have been used to create awareness, educate and inform the people of the Eastern Africa region. Puppetry, though not a traditional medium of communication in Kenya and the East African region, has proved effective in delivering messages on sensitive topics such as HIV/AIDS, STI's, gender issues, female genital mutilation (FGM), environmental conservation, hygiene, Adolescent Reproductive Health, peace/ reconciliation and behaviour change among others.  The main aim of the workshop will be to share experiences, lessons learnt, contribution and the extent of appreciation of puppetry and folk media as an effective media for social change in Kenya and the region. The workshop/presentation will provide social workers, artists, community project managers, theatre practitioners with an opportunity to get an insight in utilizing puppetry in addressing social change in communities. 
N.B.  Phylemon’s attendance at the Symposium is subject to being approved a visa.  If he is unable to attend there will be a guest workshop leader in his place.  We will contact you should this situation arise.

Storytelling with Puppetry and Objects for the Early YearsStimulating confidence and creativity in young minds using puppetry and visual theatre techniques

Rachel Riggs, Imaginary Leaps

Imaginary Leaps is based upon current understanding of creative learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage – stimulating confidence and creativity in young minds, developing imaginative activity and encouraging expression using puppetry and visual theatre techniques.

Rachel will work with participants to explore playful approaches to learning environments, both for children and families, including:

  • Using puppetry and other art forms as an approach to creative learning with young children.
  • Throwing away the script and opening up possibilities for children’s play as the starting point.
  • Exploring what different materials could mean to different children, and how to transform every day objects.
  • Identifying how different puppetry techniques can be used to address different learning needs.
  • Ideas for using materials, movement, storytelling, puppetry and other arts with young children and families.
  • Designing our own puppets or other materials for play.
  • Identifying what aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum can be addressed through this approach.
  • Engaging parents through interactive play

The Puppet Guide to RelationshipUsing puppets to explore new possibilities, expression of issues and personal transformation for excluded young people

Tony Gee, artistic director of: Far and Wide Puppets, School of Workshop, the Moveable Feast Workshop Co. and Creation Myth Puppets

In this workshop we shall be making puppets and using the puppets we make to explore how puppets can allow new possibilities, expression of issues and personal transformation for excluded young people.  Puppets are a portal to the imagination. In the social ecology of a workshop situation they can provide a safe way to be creative. Certain permissions open up when you make and work a puppet. In these acts there is a license that can allow a sense of trust to arise between people. Expectations can be exceeded without excessive exposure. And so new possibilities for the vulnerable, at risk or excluded can arise.  The title for this workshop comes from a project with Cree youth in Saskatchuan. The youth turned the focus of the project on its head and through their puppets, all sorts of relationships and expressions emerged.  If we are, as some have said, how we tell ourselves then having a puppet speak for us can begin to bring down walls and speak the unspoken.

Puppetry and Performance Skills for Healthcare Settings: Working through puppetry to creatively engage patients and clients in healthcare settings

Siobhán Clancy

This hands-on workshop offers participants the chance to explore the merits of working through puppetry to creatively engage patients/clients in healthcare settings.  The agenda will include:

  • Tips for accessibility and hygiene 
  • Puppet-making and story-telling/reminiscence techniques for all levels of age, ability and experience
  • Facilitating performance development through fun exercises focused towards creative expression and empowerment
  • Planning and evaluation methodologies

The workshop will involve some group work. Participants will leave with a puppet of your own and a set of practical resources for puppet-making and performance.

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Little Angel Theatre    (

Europäische Fachtagung Figurenspieltherapie

15. - 17. März 2013 ins Kulturzentrum Alte Kaserne, Winterthur (CH), Switzerland

Freitag, 15. 03.13 

Ab 13.00 Uhr Türöffnung und Willkommensapero

14.00 Uhr (fließend)


„Leben wie ein Baum, einzeln und frei und brüderlich

wie ein Wald – das ist unsere Sehnsucht.“

Nazim Hikmet, türk. Lyriker

Clownminiatur mit einem Baum und einer Clownfrau (Verena Vondrak) Regie: Hubertus Zorell                                  

14.30 Uhr


Begrüssung Fachverband Figurenspieltherapie

Ansprache Behörde

15.00 -16.30 Uhr


Von der Wurzel zur Frucht-ein Lebenslauf

Barbara Scheel , Leiterin des Theaters „Babuschka“ in Eppingen

17.00 –18.00 Uhr   Parallele Veranstaltungen 


Bindungsstörungen und deren Behandlung

Dr. Gudrun Gauda, Diplompsychologin, Diplomsupervisorin, Familientherapeutin, Kinderpsychologin 


 Neurobiologie – der Schlüssel zum Verständnis von Angst und Stress – der Schlüssel zum Aufbau von Ressourcen“

Irena Tüscher, Traumatherapeutin

20.00 – ca. 21:30 Uhr

„Gesichter, Geschichten“
Horta Van Hoye, Papierfigurenkünstlerin

Anschliessend Umtrunk              

Samstag, 16.03.13                                                                                                  

9.00 -11.00 Uhr  Parallele Veranstaltungen: 
Generalversammlung FFT  

Fachverband Figurenspieltherapie

Mitgliederversammlung DGTP

Deutsche Gesellschaft für therapeutisches Puppenspiel


Vielfalt in der Figurenspieltherapie

Barbara Scheel, Theaterdirektorin, Erzählerin, Therapeutin                                                     

11.30 -12.30 Uhr  Parallele Veranstaltungen:

Lehrgänge Figurenspieltherapie stellen sich vor

E. Hilty: Höhere Fachschule für pädagogisches und therapeutisches Figurenspiel, Interlaken

G. Gauda: Institut  für Gestaltung und Kommunikation, Frankfurt 

 Aus der Praxis

Figurenspieltherapie für Kinder mit einer lebensbedrohlichen Krankheit

Nadja Meier-Läubli, Joseline Pampaluchi


 Aus der Praxis:

Figurenspieltherapie mit Kindern psychisch kranker Eltern

Annelies Mauron, Figurenspieltherapeutin

Aus der Praxis: 

Figurenspieltherapie mit Menschen mit Demenz

Maya Silfverberg, Figurenspieltherapeutin

Aus der Praxis:

Figurenspieltherapie mit Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Behinderungen

R. Bosshard/A. Huber:Figurenspieltherapeuten                                                                                                                              

14.00 -16.00 Uhr       


Baumzeichnungen – Zeichen des Menschen

Leo Gehrig ist Dr. phil. Fachpsychologe FSP

(Er hat Psychologie, Psychopathologie und Pädagogik studiert)

16.30 -17.00 Uhr       

Überraschungsprogramm  (Matthew Bernier, USA and Roosa Halme, Finland)               

 17.15 -18.45 Uhr Parallele Veranstaltung


Das „Baum-Schema"

Eine Visualisierungsmethode zur wertfreien Vertiefung von Märchen, gespieltenGeschichten und Träumen.

Elisa Hilty, Märchenpädagogin


Figurenspieltherapie mit Gruppen - Möglichkeiten in der Pädagogik

Corinne Michel-Kundt, Figurenspieltherapeutin, Katechetin, Jugendarbeiterin



Horta Van Hoye, Papierfigurenkünstlerin


Figurenspieltherapie mit Scheidungskindern

A.Boss und A. Hänni, Figurenspiel-Therapeutinnen


Tipps und Tricks aus der Schatzkiste eines Klinikclowns

V. Vondrack-Zorell, Klinikclown an einer onkologischen Station

20.15 - ca.22.15 Uhr


„Aus den Tiefen des Zauberwaldes“
Gidon Horowitz, Märchenerzähler und Psychologischer Psychotherapeut                                     

Anschliessend gemütlicher Ausgang

Sonntag, 17. 03.13                                                         

9.00 -10.30 Uhr Parallele Veranstaltungen


Wurzeln der Figurenspieltherapie

Hilarion Petzold,

er studierte Philosophie, russisch-orthodoxe Theologie, Psychologie, Pädagogik und Medizin. Er entwickelte das Psychotherapieverfahren der Integrativen Therapie mit der Submethoden wie integrative Leib- und Bewegungstherapie, integrativen Suchttherapie und integrative Supervision. 



„Solange Bouton lebt, besteht Hoffnung“

Ein melodiöser Film mit schmerzhaften Dissonanzen, eine Ode an die Lebenslust und ihr drohenden Ende

Anschliessend an den Film Gespräch mit dem Regisseur Res Balzli   

11.00 -11.15 Uhr

Dank und Verabschiedung                                                                                                                                                                                   

11.15 – 12.00 Uhr      


Die Baumfrau - nach einem japanischen Volksmärchen

Ein Figurentheaterstück für Erwachsene oder für Familienpublikum ab 6 Jahren

Gespielt mit Stock-und Handfiguren

Inszenierung, Figuren, Ausstattung, Spiel: Dorothee Schlumpf-Schürenberg